we are!

We are a cooperative of caring individuals offering competitive Personal Performance & Business Consulting services as well as affordable WEBSITE, Social Media, & Digital solutions throughout this city. 

Our mission is to increase a dis-empowered segment of our population's quality of life by increasing personal power in individuals, their loved ones, and their communities through Personal Performance And Business Consulting.

We help people & businesses change their strategies for the better because we care.

our history...

As explained by Rafael Sandoval: 

"Inspired by a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 by John Sandoval under the name of American Children In Progress, I now leverage intelligence in order to achieve maximum success in the lives of children, adults, and businesses. 

    My passion lies in the progressive success of others, and what sets me apart from other businesses is that I and my colleagues collectively have been in the unique position you, who are reading this now, may find yourself in, transcending into what we do NOW.

Empathy is always the endgame." 

~Rafael Sandoval